Possible Interview?

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Possible Interview?

Postby FunkyChuck90 on Mon Sep 24, 2012 3:39 pm

Hey, moderators, band members, or whoever is reading this that can be of help to me in this great endeavor...

Firstly, My Name is Charles Salamone and I am a HUGE fan of Jamiroquai and their music. I even have a tattoo to show my love for the group. I am finishing up my music degree (BA) at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (New Brunswick Campus) by Christmas time!

Moving forward with my request. I am finishing my degree with a survey of world music course. I thought about how awesome it would be if I write my final paper about Jamirquai and how their music is influenced by many different cultures, and more importantly, why they choose to use so many varieties of cultural musicality. Whether it's the African percussive influence of Sola, the Aboriginal influence throughout their MASSIVE discography with all those didgeridoos, or the lyrical nature of many songs having to do with Native American hardships, this band is clearly very world music oriented. I pitched the idea to my Professor and he LOVED it. The only catch is that I would need to score an interview with the group, or a publicist of the group. Any person directly affiliated who can answer my questions will do. My professor suggested a Skype interview, which is definitely a possibility, but I think that might be a little steep for any of the band members. It appears that they are quite busy in Kazakhstan! Is there any way that I can get a referral from here to someone in the band, or even a publicist...and if possible, do you think I could swing a Skype interview? I would love to finish my college career with a paper about these fine musicians! They have been such a big part of my life and I have shared their music with so many of my friends. Thanks for reading. I will check back regularly.

- Charles Salamone, Finishing B.A. in Music, USA, Rutgers University, New Jersey -
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Re: Possible Interview?

Postby Giba7 on Mon Sep 24, 2012 8:38 pm

Welcome Funky Chuck! And congrats on nearing your graduation date.
But you must show your tattoo to get past.

Just kidding. I hope you can score an interview. :mrgreen: I don't even know if the moderators have access. I think you may have to contact Jamiroquai's promotional group. Uh, yah, ummm...
So this is a question for Brent
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Re: Possible Interview?

Postby ErinUSA on Thu Sep 27, 2012 4:32 pm

Hello Charles,

We get requests like these from time to time, and our only avenue for a true and official answer is:

"You can contact Jay on his mobile number, 07832 7... er, hold on...

No, on second thoughts...

If you own a reasonable sized arena or are putting on a festival, preferably somewhere sunny, then contact Jamiroquai's Booking Agents ITB - +44 020 7637 6969"

Hope this helps...and yes, this is a serious answer directly from the official source! :D
P.S. You can also check facebook...some of the band members have personal/public profiles.

Good luck to ya!
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