Jamiroquai at Palermo Velodrommo Borsellino

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Jamiroquai at Palermo Velodrommo Borsellino

Postby princesst2000 on Sat Jul 08, 2006 6:30 pm


I tavel from SW London to Palermo to see JK.

When I did not see my deliver for my ticket I then rang up UPS with the ref that Ticket one supplied me.
And was told UPS d had no record for my deliver.
So I then email Ticket one to find out what was going on I had no responses and time was ticking away.
I was mean to leave the UK 24th June to start my hols but could not leave because I did not have my ticket.
So I had to move my departure flights to another time.
So I tryed to ring ticket one and was told to contact them buy email which I had already done and had no response.
So I keep on ring until someone would help me find out the tacking number and the company who was sending me my tickets.

Then I found out the company was DHL. So I have to go the depo to pick up my tickets.

Not alone that the event was very bad the power cut out half way though consort and Jamiroquai sang one more song and then walk of stage.
I would like you guys to look into this because I would like a refund for my ticket because I do feel that I got my money worth. see JK perform for free and feel thta he rock my world but the conert so very poor !!!!!!!!!!!!


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