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Postby samantha1170 on Mon Sep 25, 2006 9:44 am

Hi everyone, Sola's updated his website on the Summer tour, as follows...

Summer Blog 2006

Hiya peeps!

Forgive me for the rather long hiatus!

Life has a way of throwing things in your way just when you think you've got all the angles covered!

North Sea Jazz Festival, for me, the highlight of the tour.

Why? Had to take the opportunity to get me some education!


Mr Duke and me (a dream come true)


When I said get me some education, I also meant honouring those Giants upon whose shoulders I have stood!

Without this man and his subliminal album Brazilian Love Affair, I would not be the player I am today!

This was my chance to tell Mr George Duke.

We must always seek out the Masters in order to improve ourselves in my humble opinion!

I was like a kid in the candy store watching this guy play! Wow!!

Standing next to a Giant!


Now if you want to talk about trailblazers as well as giants, this is your man!

All you drummers out there should know the face of Mr Vinnie Colauita

Check out the smiles on my and Derrick's faces!!! Like I said, some education was in order!

Just to change the subject a little.


When one has friends in high places!!!!

Germany World Finals 2006 is not out of reach!!!

Jay Kay Is a King!

Sorry Derrick,we lost a bit of you there dude!! Me, Jay, Rick (tour Manager) and Paul Turner (bassist extraordinaire) Simon ( I and Derrick's Tech, a complete Don)

What a day! What a day!
Zed you would have loved it (of course)

Even though I was baying for France, Italy deserved it!!


That shirt belongs to Mr Mckenzie by the way!

Watching the two teams battle it out in front of over a billion people, I was full of respect (until Zizou lost it) for the discipline, concentration and artistry of both sides.
For musicians (I think) we require very similar characteristics. We are only as good as our last performance or album.

Got to try and keep on top of the game peeps! ........If you love it that is!

Another highlight of the tour.


Tbilisi Georgia.

What a reception!

Hospitality like we have never had. I was under the impression that perhaps we were a little too thin and needed fattening up!!

I have never had a Prime Minister and First Lady come to a show!
That's something for the grandchildren (Who will probably scoff at it and call me an elitist loving so and so!!)

Checkout your First Ladies with the Leading Man!

Oh well!


Homeward bound on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again!

Lots on my mind, when is my left hand going to get stronger, faster, produce a crispier slap! They're already talking about this greatest hits tour early next year perhaps. What do you guys think?

Two new singles for the Greatest Hits coming your way soon, keen to hear your impressions. This is the end of chapter 1.

TankTribe will be closer to completion now we've got some down time.
Nigeria is calling me loud and clear. Verses, beats, ancient sacred teachings that inspire new melodies and sounds.

I am looking for another FUNKY PERSPECTIVE to spark the mind and spirit.

Peace to you all in each and every moment

Thank you


Source: http://www.solaakingbola.com/blog.html

Enjoy :) :) :)

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Postby duki on Mon Sep 25, 2006 3:40 pm

Thanks, Sam, great blog. I truly enjoyed reading it. It is a bit weird to be in the company of people whose work you greatly appreciate even though you are a musician. Great to see that Sola and Derrick met them and that they shared their knowlege with them. Really, look at Sola's and Derrick face. Beautiful.
The rest of the blog is funny as well. Me and my family rooted for Italy. :D
I somehow knew Tbilisi would be remarkable.
Woohoo! Cannot wait for the High Times Tour! :D
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