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Postby samantha1170 on Sat Sep 16, 2006 10:08 am

Hi everyone, here's a new blog entry from Derrick...

Hiya All you Happy people

Hello every body long time since i have been on this blog business sometimes i totally forget it exists to reach the masses but hey here i am. first of all i would like to thank all of you who supported and came to see the band over the past months on tour, we love your enthusiasm and eagerness for the band!!!!!!! This is much appreciated and loved by us all in the band.

As you know we have finished the tour for now and we now have time on our hands, so in the mean time we will be still playing as a band but minus Jay as he is taking a well deserved rest and getting his strength back for the greatest hits tour. Meanwhile we will be doing some small gigs around and about and we will keep you posted as and when we will be doing them. We did one about 10 days ago in cambridge and it was great success, playing tracks that we have been bought up on over the years and not jamiroquai tracks totally free and easy but such such fun to play music with the guys in a different environment!!!!!!!!!

I have been busy at home and getting my studio together and just set up a new drum kit so i can practice more on a real kit as opposed to playing on an electronic one also getting into production and stuff, recently met guy on my space who is local to me and we will get togetner to do some tracks that i am looking forward too dont worry harry i have not forgotten!!!!!!. Simon my drum tech has been a great help in getting me to change my kit around and actually using even less drums than before but i have more cymbals around me now, which i find very very inspiring whilst playing. My plans for the future is to travel to Brazil for the carnival and hopefully play with a big band take in the experience of the latin people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will be starting out on the road again but only doing promo stuff or the greatest hits, the tour will not start until next year.

I hope to see you all again on the road when we start touring if not while we do some of the promo stuff and if not then at one of our little gigs which no doubt we will be doing and we will let you know through thr funkin site and on our my space pages.

Much love and respect to you all!!!!!!!!!!!


What great news the rest of the band will be do some more gigs soon and the best news for you all in the UK is hopefully Derrick or some of the other guys will let you know when they'll be doing them - hope some of you are able to go to the gigs!!!!

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Postby sedaquai on Sat Sep 16, 2006 10:14 am

more gigs!!???yey :D
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