The Zender's bass spoke!

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The Zender's bass spoke!

Postby jamgirl_brazil on Wed Aug 22, 2012 12:13 am

That is a question somewhat controversial ... Does anyone out there think that after the Zender left the band, Jamiroquai changed? I really like Syncronyzed, but not as much as the first three. Not that the others are not cool, I like it. But missed something ... Well no one knows for sure what happened, some say he complained that he wanted more money, evil tongues say that he was accused of plagiarism of his own songs that he composed, others say he wanted to be the co-author of the album and Jay did not accept. So party people, who agree, disagree ... Do you think Zender was greedy and betrayed or Jay was selfish?
I know this is a touchy subject people, but I had to tell someone that. I'd be angry if I knew Jay was he selfish. And if I knew that Zender was betrayed I think he had was to get away. If Jay was what I wanted, I think today is Jay and his band, he is the star. The truth is that Jay is exuberant and was born to shine. But the Jamiroquai shone very very much before. Perhaps because it has fallen on common sense ... pop? I do not want to hurt anyone here and not enter into question the quality of the musicians here. Obviously has so many songs that I love the other albums, obviously.

Rock Dust Ligth Star, I listened several times and then got boring. Why not others? I Caaaan't I help living it up letting it all go wroooong I caaaaan't I keep living this way Knowing my life has goooooone Kids wanna give it up \ o / Kids wanna give it uuuuup time to let your mind be free Searching for eternity ...
Now When You gonna leaaarn to stop going on? ahaaaaammmmmeeeeeeeeeee eee ahammmeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyeaaah ahaaaaammeeee I know it's got to be this way oh people stop it goin 'on

I know I'm giving a slap to my face here, but I would be surprised in the eighth album. And what about Zender bass? Say what you think about it...

(Sorry for english)
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Re: The Zender's bass spoke!

Postby Giba7 on Wed Aug 22, 2012 3:50 am

Hey Jamgirl! Jamirotalk.net talked a lot about this stuff.

**Change is inevitable. All bands change.
Do you think Michael Jackson's last albums sound the same as when he was 20?
Jay & Jamiroquai grew up. And the members changed.
And typical for the music style to change with the times.
All common in bands.

**Greed is a human trait. :wink: everybody is probably greedy.
I don't know why Zender left. It's unfortunate that he did, because he was a big part.
I think when the band thought they were equals, but members are often unequally compensated. And when they became successful the stratification was more apparent.

I see the early music as smooth and artistic.
And the younger stuff as more modern & experimental. (like techno)
I'm glad the last 3 weren't like the first 3 because then I'd only need 3 (even if I don't know all the lyrics)
I can't speculate on what I don't know.
So I celebrate the music, regardless.
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