I am being insulted !!!!

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I am being insulted !!!!

Postby mirogirl90 on Thu Dec 06, 2007 3:24 am

I am diehard fan and some of the members insult me calling me a "groupie ": I don't disrespect them with there comments , why mine ??? the reason because I post some forums that may had them think they were better than me !!!! :evil: please respond , if you can !!! thanks !!! :D :D
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Postby Sandriche on Thu Dec 06, 2007 3:46 am

i have to go to work now but i am back in the evening.
hopefully we can sort this out.
maybe there was also kind of misunderstandings..
feel free to discuss here but people please...RESPECTFULLY ..oki?
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Postby coolness; squared on Mon Dec 10, 2007 12:48 am

Well for starters, with that recent post you created, I think people didn't like the fact that you only referred to Jay when talking about SDISJ, as if it were his song and not a Jamiroquai song.

Just sayin'.

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