girl from the hague in holland is dissapionted !!

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girl from the hague in holland is dissapionted !!

Postby knowngirl on Tue Oct 11, 2005 5:03 pm

hello jay kay!!
i dont know if you remember me( probebly not)but i threw my number on stage at rotterdam ahoy , it was wrapped in a lil feather pocket/neckless!Well you phoned me after the show and left a message on my voicemail, asking me to make a date, i was so shocked and could never believe what just had happend, so when i spoke to you i could not think straight(i was drunk and stoned) so we never made that date unfortunatly.however, you made me so happy just for that one call!thank you, you really do things for your fans!I just loved your show in portugal at the sunrise festival!wow!seeing you life is just satisfaction!you blowed me a kiss at the end of the show, hahah like u remember, but your fans will! we love just you and you just love us all!!i think we could have such a great time if we had dated.im also a capricorn and my birthday is the 29th of december, funny isnt it? maybe we can make a birthdayparty together someday when im also a famous musicion.i sing and play gitar and drums, and id love to sing.I hope you will give this a second thought and ring me for another date, ill take you around the citty where i live,and go to nice parties and dance, groove drink some wine while killing time.....
PLEASEE TAKE ME ON YOUR DYNAMITE- TOUR, ill keep you company.Ive nothing to do here in this shitty country, coz i live on the thoouh.

i hope you ring me again to make another date coz its just worthed and i believe in you as a musician as i believe in you as a person, coz you are a true one .....
love and peace to all of you
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Postby sedaquai on Wed Oct 12, 2005 2:43 pm

how a great memory!!! :shock:
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