PLEASE READ : Spamming and rude messages

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PLEASE READ : Spamming and rude messages

Postby Sandriche on Tue Nov 02, 2010 3:04 pm

Dear Users
Spamming and rude messages are not tolerated in this forum and will be removed. If the forumrules are violated we will delete the topic without further notice.
If your topic has been removed by me or another member of the mod-team check back on theforum rules if you don´t understand why.

Also if you ( beloved respectful forum users) see spammers please just ignore them..it´s easier to delete single messages .If there are responds to the spam it´s hard for us to delete because the respond is no spam... :lol: know what I mean?

This is a place of discussion.Please think of that when you open a thread. Take a few moments to think of a topic title that allows other users to parcitipate!

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Re: PLEASE READ : Spamming and rude messages

Postby ErinUSA on Wed Nov 03, 2010 5:35 am

Another note I would like to add: Please be aware that the forum rules also apply to usernames. Usernames cannot include rude and/or offensive text. Abiding by the forum rules begins with the creation of a profile and everything in a profile applies to the forum rules...not just postings only.

This is one of the best forums on the web...and the new album has just been launched! :D

Thank you to everyone who has respected the forum rules and to everyone who has kept it busy!
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