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TUN3R.com for Jamiroquai fans

Postby Funky Laura on Thu Jul 26, 2007 6:47 pm

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Another news by Millionmedia blog:

    "The fun and fabulous TUN3R.com offers a unique and enjoyable way to browse online radio stations, based upon an ‘old-skool’ tuner dial. The home page initially looks like a mosaic of small images, but drag the cross hairs and you intuitively realise what you’re meant to do. Each small image represents a new radio station, which almost immediately starts playing once the target is set. But better still, type in the name of an artist and the stations which have previously played that artist are clearly highlighted enabling you to tune in to a station there is a greater chance of you liking.


    With our “Artist Hatsâ€? on we immediately emailed TUN3R and asked if they could create a widget which gave fans a list of stations playing their favourite artists. They said they hadn’t developed one yet, but they had found a way to pass the name of an artist in the URL which highlights the artist. So, for example, click http://tun3r.com/?tr=jamiroquai and you’ll see all the stations playing Jamiroquai tracks..."


        Thanx to: millionmedia.wordpress.com
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