220 Jamiroquai CDs and cassettes for sale

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220 Jamiroquai CDs and cassettes for sale

Postby Trolll on Mon Oct 02, 2006 8:58 am

Hi everyone,

Some of you probably already saw my announcement on Jamirotalk, but I'm selling a fair deal of my Jamiroquai collection.

It goes from "classic" singles to utmost rarities and include a couple strange releases hardly anyone's ever heard about! It's only CDs and audio cassettes - no vinyl or videos at the moment...

Prices range from 3 to 130 euros... I've mainly set prices on how dear each item is to me, as, well, I've been buying Jamiroquai stuff for 15 years now, so you will understand that I am somehow sad to see some items go!

Anyway, if you wish to expand your collection or just discover some quirky items, then give a look at my site: http://jamiroquai.atspace.com.

Do not hesitate to mail me any questions, I'll be glad to help, whether for a purchase or just for any kind of information, I'm a fan before anything else!

Thanks and talk to you soon, :wink:

François - Paris
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