virtual insanity is what where are living in(philosophic)

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virtual insanity is what where are living in(philosophic)

Postby mr.aZ on Sun Jul 16, 2006 8:23 am

in the last years i find myself my own ways to live and have fun and more...that's not the point of the post, but from here i can start with all the things i think alot during the last 5 years...i realize many times when i feel so tired or i want to try to find hope in this world were we live in it i listen the song ''virtual insanity''

here is the awesome lirycs 8)

Oh yeah what we're living in (let me tell ya)
It' a wonder man can eat at all
When things are big
That should be small
Who can tell what magic spells we'll be doing for us.
And I'm giving all my love to this world
Only to be told
I can't see, I can't breathe
No more will we be
And nothing's gonna change the way we live
Cos' we can always take and never give
And now that things are changing for the worse,
See, it's a crazy world we're living in
And I just can't see that half of us immersed in sin
Is all we have to give these

Futures made of virtual insanity
now always seem, to be governed by this love we have
For useless, twisting of our new technology
Oh now there's no sound for we all live underground

And I'm thinking in what a mess we're in
Hard to know when to begin
If I could slip the sicly ties that earthly man has made
And now every mother can choose the color of her child
That's not nature's way
Well thatÒ‘s what they said yesterday
There's nothing left to do but pray
I think it's time I found a new religion
Waoh it's so insane to synthesize another strain
There's something in these futures that we have to be told.

Futures made of virtual insanity
now always seem, to be governed by this love we have
For useless, twisting of our new technology

Oh now there's no sound for we all live underground
Now there's no sound if we all live underground
And now it's virtual insanity
Forget your virtual reality
Oh, there's nothing so bad, I know yeah
Instrumental break
Oh, this virtual insanity, we're living in,
Has got to change, yeah
Things will never be the same
And I can't go on
While we're living in oh, oh virtual insanity
Oh, this world has got to change
Cos I just, I just can't keep going on, it was virtual,
Virtual insanity that we're living in, that we're living in
That virtual insanity is what it is

Futures made of virtual insanity
now always seem, to be governed by this love we have
For useless, twisting of our new technology
Oh there's no sound for we all live underground

Living - Virtual Insanity
Living - Virtual Insanity
Living - Virtual Insanity
Living - Virtual Insanity

Virtual Insanity is what we're living in :shock:

everytime when i listen this song i remember where im in the art school 8 years ago...and make me wonder...this is the world we have?
this is the world the humanity deserve? i dont think so

every time when i try to watch the news i can see wars, many poor people in africa, southamerica...you know, all that sh*t i cant believe still here...i imagine during my time in the art school a better world where there's no more poor people, all we have equal rights and no more wars, the money used for help all the third world countries finally...and i see what happen in the last years and makes me wonder why the humanity cant do the next step...why the money is used for make more wars and destroy the world every day more, why always when looks like there's hope some things cant change..why so much money is wasted when countries like africa are full of poor people and is one of the countries wher the vih people is the most of the poblation and in other places innocent people die because there's wars for oil and the money is the lord...
i shouldnt go so far from here for see poor people, corruption in the justice, the laws are broken so much...and i watch tv and i can see who looks like in everywhere all we go mad...or at least the power is in the bad hands AGAIN

i dont want to put all down because i think all we have hope in-if we try-we can do a better world for the next generations
always when i listen revolution i think the time is here, we must get out togheter and start to do all better...but i think looks like there's some things who go wrong and we cant do it now...i think if everyone here can spread the word of be a better human-at leat try all u can do-we can start a little revolution who can make a big ring around the world in pro of a better future for all the next generations and a best place for the ones who are commin'...

soul education
another great message

I didn't have time for school
Spent my days breaking the rules and regulations
And inbetween they're having fun
The teachers told me son, get me an education
So I had my bout of freedom
Dressed like a man through four seasons
Hey I'm steppin out so cut me loose
And as mama waved goodbye
Tears were welling in her eyes
She don't need them
I turned to her and said

I've got my soul education
You know its stitched into the clothes
That I wear
Got my life information
Upon the breeze that's blowing through my hair
Got a pocket full of rainbows
Oh and a sky to put them in so blue
So let the music come and save you.
I found a God that I can pray to
Deep inside my soul, hey.

See your mad you can't delude
That there is no substitute
For intuition, it's no superstition
So if you find your petrified,
To let some natural law apply
Then there's a whole lot missing baby yeah.
So you know i'm blessed celestially
Got a direct link with destiny yeah
Don't ask me why
I'm in the sky
And if there's green wax in your eye
Somethings money just can't buy, hey
Rags to riches, babes to bitches
But the ride don't mind cause I got my...

I Know I got my soul education...
(repeat chorus x2).

when u find urself u find ur soul education, i found it in the last time

and these lirycs are my motivation in the bad days..
revolution 1993

Yes you've got to stand up, stay strong, start moving in the right direction,
Don't wait too long, for people promising divine intervention
Nineteen nine three, now I'm taking matters into my own hands
So fast, I can't see
A revolution is the only way we can change, change, change
I wanna fight the power!

Well it's hard times, white lines,kids of nine getting down with gun crime
War zones, no homes, ain't it the time we gave the dog a bone
Say brothers, sisters, get up and put yourself in the picture
This time you know a revolution is the only way we can change, change, change
I want to fight the power!

Question, answer, shake your hand and smile for the camera
But it's no good you should spend time in your neighbourhood
Where black kids, white kids
Now you're working overtime to be a crack kid
No job, no cash,
A revolution is the only way we can change, change, change
I wanna fight the power!

Still we don't seem to understand we need a Revolution,
Everubody wants a Revolution

Now who is this man, I'm having trouble knowing where I'm coming from
Pre-conceptions, it's eternal human infection
One chance, learn how you're gonna change the habit of a lifetime my soul, concerned,
That Revolution is the only way that we can change, change, change
I wanna fight the power!

Higher, higher, now we're gonna learn how to fight the power
Sunshine, new day, I only know how to go to the right way
Faster, stronger I help my brother and my soul lives longer
Blinded I can't see
A Revolution is the only way that we can change, change, change
I wanna fight the power!

No doubt in time, everything is sweet sunshine but in the
Meantime, mankind is having trouble where to draw the line
We still don't, respect, and yet I thought we had intellect
Sometimes I think the music is the only hope we have for Revolution

Still we don't seem to understand we need a Revolution
Everybody needs a Revolution!

i think a revolution cant be do it for only one, because a revolution means change everything who go wrong and always u must say that the people is the power who moves to world...all we can do it a better future for the next geenrations, only we need start today, right now, try to make a better future because sometimes i feel like there's a real insanity where we are livin' in...i hope this post can help a bit for the future, because the future is tomorrow and is better start now in a better place for our children, our family and our generation...

like jay kay says in revolution 1993
''Still we don't seem to understand we need a Revolution
Everybody needs a Revolution''

the time is here, we should start for make the world a better place than the one we have...
''Sometimes I think the music is the only hope we have for Revolution''
i quote jay because i think music can be a good way for spread the word of do a better place and all we can help...
i wish the next generations can make their dreams come true and dont see like all go wrong like right now...

''we need a revolution, yeah, yeah''
give peace a chance
help this world for a better future than how looks now

i know is uthopic try to start a global change from a forum but i want to say i have alot of hope for a better future 8)
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Postby gypsysister on Sun Jul 16, 2006 2:36 pm

I HEAR you Mr.Az - and so too do all of the people who are awake in this world.

You say you were an art student - what a wonderful thing. Do you realise you are a healer? Artists see life through the eyes of beauty - as it truly is - yes - LIFE and this PLANET HOME is the most beautiful thing you will experience in this reality. As an artist your eyes sees and knows the beauty first - otherwıse ıt would not be so affected by the destructıon of ıt.

As the decades roll on - thıngs are comıng to a clımax - all thıngs that are out of balance clımax - whıch usually means the bad thıngs get worse... and the good thıngs get better! In thıs technologıcal age - we are bombarded wıth corporate controlled medıa that reınforces and repeats the bad thıngs - over and over agaın - untıl we are all hypnotısed ınto belıevıng the END ıs near. We actually forget (because the medıa does not remınd us) that there are so many beautıful and amazıng thıngs happenıng on earth. NATURE ıtself ıs the most powerful and amazıng of all. As my beautıful Aborıgınal frıends contınue to teach me - nature NEVER ends. Nature ıs our spırıt. And when somethıng does end - ıt ıs the moment before the new begınıng.

Man does not decıde when the end ıs. The Unıverse and the Hıgher Powers decıde. So the lıkes of Bush - Cheney - Putın - (the lıst can go on) are really playıng ın theır own fılm. They thınk they are powerful - (and so too are we led to belıeve) but they are not. They are merely puppets who have sold theır soul over to forces of greed and power - and no sooner than ın thıs age wıll they learn lessons that wıll rebalance the scales of justıce.

The power ıs ın the FAITH ın NATURAL LAW - not ın man made doctrıne.

Our role as AWOKEN carers of thıs earth - ıs to hold the LIGHT vıbratıon as hıgh as we can. We are goıng through the bıggest challenge of all tıme now - how amazıng to be chosen to be born ınto thıs tıme to help weave the path for the future.

Do we let the DARK ınfuse us - seep ınto our souls - and leave us helpless... or do we cut through the lıes - corruptıon - greed - manıpulatıon and SMILE? A smıle can kıll a thousand lıes - ıt can also gıve bırth to a mıllıon posıtıve experıences.

Lıke yourself and majorıty of the people on thıs planet home - I have been devastated wıth how ınhumane we have become. The devıl has had ıts tıme on earth - for sure. I have even gone so far to become 'polıtıcally and socıally' actıve - venturıng to Iraq and the occupıed terrıtorıes of Palestıne ın 2003 to speak to and help fılm a documentary about the HUMAN cost of war. I thought that my ACTIONS would help. THey dıd to a certaın extent. But essentıally - I came away very depressed and to thıs day I lapse ınto thıs depressıon.

I dıd learn somethıng new about how we wıll EVOLVE and how thıs REVOLUTION we are all waıtıng for wıll occur. ıIn our MIND and SPIRIT. Because so far - ıt has been through our MIND and SPIRIT that we have been captıvated by the DARK. The devil steals your soul... your soul ıs your essence - and ıf you dont have your true essense - you are pwerless. And the feelıng of powerlessness leads us to our depressıons.

Our journey now ıs to connect wıth LIKE-MINDEDNESS - to create our own power force of LIGHT. To LAUGH MORE - to LOVE more - to fınd our SOUL FRIENDS - because these sımple thıngs all ıncrease the VIBRATION of LIGHT more than any other ACTION. We wont need the antı - depressants - we wont need to escape behınd substance abuses - we wont need to kıll ourselves - we wont need to be numb.

I apologıse ıf I sound lıke a preacher. (well - I probably do sound lıke a preacher!!) When I read or hear storıes about these feelıngs of helplessness - I cannot help but connect - because I hear them wıth my own soul and my own experıence.

Everyday I remember that the Materıal world ıs not real.... ENERGY ıs real. The energy from musıc - from love - from connectıon - from laughter - from real emotıon ıs real. That ıs where we must focus our mınds now. The rest wıll follow - the Unıverse always provıdes when you are on the rıght path.

Mr.Az - you are a LIGHT bearer - because you see the dark- remember you have lıke-mınded frıends out there who feel your sadness too. You are not alone - Laugh ın the face of the darkness - ıt only exısts ıf you allow ıt to.

'the only true revolutıon now ıs the evolutıon of conscıousness.' - Carol Brıdges (Natıve Amerıcan Indıan Medıcıne Woman)

bıg warm love and lıght
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Postby cbearpeace on Tue Aug 15, 2006 12:10 am

:wink: 8) all i can say is WOW
hey MRAZ that was beautiful words are true that you wrote and pleased you posted it

gypsy sisters reply is clear and i know wher your both coming from
excellnt thread
wishing everyone around the world love peace n happiness on ya funky paths
break the cycle today hate and killing aint the way
cbear peace :wink: 8)
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