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Postby samantha1170 on Fri Jun 23, 2006 8:11 am

Hi everyone, I found this article today...

Jamiroquai's brand new Georgian experience
By Nino Gvalia

22nd of June: a blisteringly hot summer day and something is underway in the city…

Is it football mania again? No, it is Jamiroquai!

The 10th Tbilisi International Jazz Festival kicked off with a gig of the British band Jamiroquai.

The bandleader, vocalist Jay Kay, is one of the UK's most well established musicians. He is a man who has five MTV and Grammy awards under his belt. Jay Kay is also famous for an electrifying live act, his beloved and bizarre hat collection and his garage full of petrol-guzzling fast cars.

The band, who are named after the native American Iroquois tribe (apparently their pantheism inspired Kay) has been revolutionizing musical tastes over the years. With around twenty million albums sold, four world tours and danceable grooves, Jamiroquai is famed at home, worldwide and in Georgia too.

The company Eastern Promotions has been trying to lure the illustrious band to Tbilisi for several years and finally in 2006 this ambitious project came true. The 'space cowboy' opened the Coca-Cola Jazz Festival with an electrifying musical show at the Philharmonic on June 22.

In a pre-concert talk with media people at the Sheraton Metechi Palace, Jay Kay said that he has enjoyed Georgian hospitality, dishes and folklore. "Your singing is just amazing," said the musician, and continued that he is very excited to be performing in Georgia, "it is a brand new experience for us," he added.

The British star also spoke a bit about his life and said that even when life gets tough, he always tries to be optimistic. Jay Kay faced many difficulties when he was a teenager and sometimes had even to sleep on the street, but he never lost hope. "My mother was a musician and I always knew that I want to make music and now I'm lucky," he smiled.

At present Jay Kay enjoys life, 'cooks up' his favourite music, flies helicopters and rests in the mountains at his comfy 'little' house in Scotland. As for a girlfriend, at the moment Jay is single and says he might just be looking for a Georgian wife, provided she prepares Georgian gourmet food for him. At the end of the press-conference, the Georgian designer Nino K presented two hats to Jay Kay, he immediately tried them on and rushed out of the door, the concert was beginning in an hour.

Source: http://www.messenger.com.ge/issues/1136_june_23_2006/eve_1136_1.htm

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Postby Natia_J on Tue Jun 27, 2006 4:51 pm

Jay Kay Georgians love youuuuuuuuuuuu.
Jamiroquai had one of the most exciting concert in Tbilisi, all my friends are so glad that he finaly came in Georgia, Tbilisi. right now i am in USA so i did not have this opportunity to see Jay in my country, but as my friends told me he was just fabulous. i am planning to attend Jay's concert in august somewhere in Europe, cause I just Love what he does, how he does and his energy, his love to the music. i am a big fun of him!!!
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Postby jamirocat on Fri Jul 07, 2006 6:16 pm

:) Thanks for the news, Samantha! Georgians have nice art as well (I have some at home by an artist known as Bika). I haven't tasted much of their food, but it sounds like Jay had some delicious dishes.

Any other Georgians here catch the show?
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