Travelling without Moving

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Travelling without Moving

Postby Giba7 on Sat Jan 24, 2015 11:29 pm

I was reminiscing in my head: 18 years ago in January 1997, I finally got my hands on the Jamiroquai "Travelling without Moving" cd once it released here in the U.S.
I played it all the way through and it looped around and began again on whatever track it was left on when I got back in the car. I drove a lot and it was the perfect car tunes.

I knew nothing about the band but couldn't believe how cool the music was! Finally some funky music replacing the grunge rock era. And this cd outplaced my beloved Trainspotting cd which I'd played over and over since July of 1996.

Rediscovering Jamiroquai in 2010, I was shocked to find out how complex, & how diverse Jamiroquai are. Where they've been, and who they are. So many styles and themes of music over so many years. I understand the shifts and turns of their music, and easily relate to times in my life.

This is what music is about.
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